Welcome Back to 2022-2023!

Welcome back to you, our valued Network family.

We hope you have taken time to recharge and enjoy time with friends and family. What did you do to renew? We have rested, invested in creative visioning for the future of the Network and filled our buckets at the Summer Huddle.

The Network has officially welcomed 11 new programs to the CAPS Network from New Hampshire, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Wisconsin. This brings us to 93 programs in 23 states and 4 countries. Wow! The power of the work you are doing is spreading like wildfire and collectively we are changing the face of education!

This year we are powering up our connectivity with the continuation of our podcast (The Network), a new mini-podcast with tools for the classroom, a newsletter and more!

Summer Huddle in St. Louis was filled with learning, laughter and great connections. Industry experts shared their thoughts on the future. Alumni told their stories about growth and opportunity. You gave presentations, shared best practices and continued to build community. Time and again we are reminded that this is what makes our Network thrive. We look forward to our next national convening next June 26-28, 2023 in Utah!

Huddle was a learning opportunity for all, including for Corey, Gregg and Alisa. With your feedback and support, we will continue to innovate ways to make sure our connections with each other stay deep and meaningful. Our connectivity starts with a new newsletter. The newsletter, released once a month, is a quick communication about what is happening around the network, industry insights and implementable best practices from the field. Your feedback about our collaboration engine, CoLab, is greatly appreciated and we are committed to making this platform a helpful tool for all. A new short-form podcast aimed at practitioners highlighting and sharing work from the field is also now available. Of course you can still tune in to our original podcast, The Network, which is starting its fourth season this month. Hear from voices across industries for inspiration about what is on the horizon for education, career readiness and innovation.

Alisa Morse began transitioning into the Network Coordinator role at the beginning of July. She comes to the role from five years in the CAPS classroom and is enthusiastic about supporting you, the practitioner, as you create a life-changing educational experience for students.

Sadly, we will be saying “see you later” to our dear friend and champion Gregg Brown. Gregg is retiring at the end of August and we know you all would join us in wishing him well as he begins his new journey as an agriculture disruptor. Gregg has made a deep impact on our work; your standing ovation for him at Huddle was a testament to his impact on our community. Gregg, we wish you all the best. We will forever count you as family.

As the school year gets underway, remember the connections you’ve made at the Huddle, through LinkedIn or just by reaching out. If you have ideas for our podcasts, network building, need support or have questions we are only a phone call or email away! 

Congratulations on the start of another transformative year. It is going to be a great one!