Post-Secondary Institutions

Building the education to employment path for every student.

By forging strong relationships with post-secondary partners at both the program and classroom levels, CAPS educators are in a unique position to equip graduates to meet the demands of the high-tech 21st-century economy. Colleges and universities recognize that CAPS graduates demonstrate the knowledge and competencies to succeed in post-secondary settings and to advance in career pathways as lifelong learners and contributing citizens.

How post-secondary institutions can partner with CAPS Network

  • Formally endorse the CAPS model

  • Provide CAPS instructors with opportunities for professional development

  • Offer space for students work teams to meet in person on campus

  • Provide CAPS instructors and administrators with access to relevant college/university resources

  • Offer scholarships for students that complete CAPS coursework and experiences

  • Provide college credit to CAPS graduates

How post-secondary institutions benefit significantly from a partnership with CAPS

  • Recruitment source for students with a proven track record of performing in a collegiate learning atmosphere

  • Ability to attract students with faster matriculation rates than non-CAPS peers

  • Access to innovative K-12 programs for purposes of professional development and research

  • Thought leadership around profession-based and experiential education models for the 21st century

  • Ability to cross-promote brands and initiatives with a leader in K-12 disruption

  • Ability to attract students with higher graduation rates than non-CAPS peers

The single biggest change in higher education in the past decade is the percentage of students who say they’re enrolling for a job, career, or income reasons…more than 90 percent of students provide this as the critical reason for going to college – what I call the employment imperative.

— Ryan Craig, A New U. 

"CAPS high school programs allow students to use sophisticated tools and learn practical skills to solve real-world problems. This approach resonates with similar approaches that we employ at ASU to ensure our graduates are dynamic and flexible lifelong learners capable of engaging complex problems facing society."

Arizona State University

“CAPS is a tremendous match for our network and our vision. We bring a unique approach to post-secondary education, a strong model for preparing educators for the future, and a top-notch research team. CAPS Network brings deep connections to numerous K-12 practitioners of profession-based learning. Our ability to work together will result in a powerful lifelong learning pipeline.”

Northeastern University

"The School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis supports the efforts of the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) and the CAPS Network. Initiatives like CAPS are vital to recruiting and educating the next generation of our nation's problem solvers. The vision of the CAPS program is one that we share and we commend the CAPS students and their mentors on their outstanding work."

Washington University in St. Louis

"CAPS is a transformational approach that recognizes the student experience as the center of motivated learning. Profession-Based Learning is an integral part of the Campus Reimagined mission to provide a student-centric campus experience that promotes an entrepreneurial mindset and helps students discover their interests, develop professional skills, and fulfill their highest aspirations."

Florida State University

"CAPS empowers high school students to explore possible majors and careers before making the important choice of where to continue their education. The profession-based learning model pioneered by CAPS and scaled via CAPS Network is creating a new generation of prospective post-secondary students highly aligned to the opportunities we offer and will continue to grow on our campus. We will continue exploring ways to partner our two organizations to align K12, higher education, and industry."

North Dakota State University

"By providing students the opportunity to engage with and contribute to real-world experiences and challenges, the CAPS Network fosters an innovative approach to education while adding value to business and community partners. We fully endorse the CAPS Network and its importance in shaping future businesses and communities."

Saint Louis University

"We are excited to see such bold vision and innovation at the secondary level. The hands-on experiential learning, the fostering of innovation and technology, and the partnerships that have been formed nationwide to perpetuate this type of programming is to be commended. The University of Missouri is pleased to support the CAPS Network."

University of Missouri

"Kansas State University and its four campuses are fully committed to partnering with CAPS and stands behind your mission to create more opportunities for students to participate in high-impact educational experiences. Our institution strongly endorses the CAPS Network as a means to prepare students for college and careers.

Kansas State University

"CAPS provides students with the opportunity to explore professions while in high school. But it does so much more than that. It nurtures curiosity about the world, develops skills necessary for success in life, and opens possibilities that students may not have thought about."

Central Washington University