Profession-Based Learning Programs

The CAPS Network

The CAPS Network

The CAPS Network is comprised of over 100 affiliate profession-based learning programs across 22 states and four countries. We are like-minded educators focused on building potential pathways for students to find their passion and develop skills that will support their future careers.

CAPS and Authentic Connectivity

The CAPS education model is an innovative approach to education with pedagogy, content, and tools focused on preparing students with the skills necessary for life after high school. The following are steps, insights and tools intended to offer guidance in designing learning situations and experiences that require students to execute the various skills, competencies and character qualities deemed necessary for success regardless of their career path or the types of jobs they may hold in the future.

Explore all of the ways you can connect your classroom, school, or district to the CAPS framework:

  • Sign up for the CAPS Network newsletter to be alerted when workshops and events are announced
  • Tune in to our podcast, “The Network,” to learn best practices from CAPS practitioners
  • Consider screening the CAPS documentary, “Where Students Lead” with your community
  • Contact us for more information on setting up a custom consulting engagement
  • Contact us to discuss what it means for your district to become a CAPS affiliate program

Corey Mohn on the CAPS Network

Every community should have a CAPS!

Rob Manes, Director of Business Development and Board of Directors, Edison Awards 

“In the span of a 15 minute tour of CAPS, I visited with eight unique students doing the most extraordinary work I've ever seen from high school students. In 15 minutes!"

Tom Vander Ark, CEO Getting Smart

"CAPS is the future of education. It’s about teaching students to tackle real-world situations, applying entrepreneurial mindsets, and finding solutions when the answers are not multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank. Those are the skills that create leaders of modern organizations, drive innovation to improve products and services, and grow economic prosperity for all of us."

Victor W. Hwang, Right to Start, Founder & CEO

“This year I’ll be looking for wholly new approaches to CTE, particularly those leveraging online learning or innovative staffing to break through traditional limitations in how students access coursework and who serves as CTE instructors. I remain personally most inspired by those CTE models like CAPS that are focusing not just on technical skills, but on diversifying professional connections for students who might otherwise be shut out of those networks.”

Julia Freeland Fisher, Christensen Institute

“…more importantly, it is how these networks can inspire and empower us all to rethink, and pursue a new reality in, our educational ecosystem.”

Dr. Chris Unger, Northeastern University