Personalized Learning Experiences


As a student, do you want an opportunity to discover your passions and strengths in order to find purpose?

Or would you prefer to receive content from your teacher and textbooks?

Today’s structure of high school is not meeting the needs of our students. Even for those that graduate, too many do not successfully connect to their next step of education nor find a satisfying and sustaining career. CAPS provides an avenue for students to experience potential careers while learning technical and essential skills through resume-worthy personalized learning experiences with real industry partners.

A Changing World

Jobs and the skills required to perform them well in the 21st century are changing rapidly. Educators must strive to offer relevant opportunities, and personalized learning experiences, to build durable skillsets that will transcend these changes.

The CAPS program gives students the opportunity to fast forward into their future, solving relevant problems in a host of professional environments.

We do not grade on an accumulation of points. Instead, we grade on where you finish—not where you started and not on an average of your work, but over a time period.

— Brian Gregoire, Director, Andover CAPS

"I think that my greatest takeaway from CAPS was working within real companies and organizations which resulted in the opportunity to experience and understand how the real world operates. I really felt like I was two steps ahead when it came to my internships and eventual post-college career in terms of overall professionalism. I was never afraid or intimidated to go out of my way to ask questions and learn as much as I could."

Tanner Holmes

“CAPS helped me understand what it is like to work in a professional environment. In college, I felt I was ahead of the game. Now as I entertain career opportunities, they are impressed with my professionalism!”

Jed Shaffer

“CAPS has given me the foundational skills to be able to build my future success from the ground up. Working hands-on with real professional companies is a unique experience to gain real-world experience at the high school level. From simple tasks such as resume building to sales for marketing agencies to building your very own business plan. CAPS has made me into a well-rounded individual with the foundational tools to exceed anywhere in the business world. Since CAPS I am currently a student at the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, made the Dean’s list of the business school, am currently an active member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, and have received numerous internship opportunities to further my future in business.”

Connor Shaw

"CAPS most importantly prepared me to work with a team and interact with stakeholders. My passion for marketing and sales developed in CAPS from a better understanding of how a business can create value through providing a solution for the needs of others."

Paul Feighner

"The best part of CAPS was getting to know industry professionals and learning about how to communicate effectively. I’m still young in my industry and it helps knowing what to say and how to approach others with ease."

Spencer Adam

"CAPS gave me the ultimate head start!"

Hannah Bachmuth

"CAPS was the best thing I could have ever done. It made me more confident in myself and what I'm passionate about. It made me confident in my decision for my career path and major."

CAPS student, 2020