Profession-Based Learning

About CAPS

CAPS Network: 501c3 nonprofit organization

The CAPS Network is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on paving the education-to-employment path through profession-based learning. Programs that affiliate with the CAPS Network share best practices and connections with professional partners, post-secondary institutions, teachers and students.

CAPS gave me the courage and freedom to dream bigger than ever before.

Through a community of motivated instructors and peers and unconventional learning environments, CAPS equipped me to step into professional purpose and realize my untapped leadership potential.

— Jenna Felsen, 2016 CAPS graduate

CAPS Core Values

Below are the five core values that unite, define, and guide the CAPS Network experience:


Profession-Based Learning

Instructors develop real world, project-based learning strategies through collaborations with business and community partners. These interactions enhance the learning experience, preparing students for college and career.


Professional Skills Development

Unique experiences allow students to cultivate transformative professional skills such as understanding expectations, time management, and other essential business values. These skills are critical to providing students a competitive advantage in their post-secondary education and professional careers.


Self-Discovery and Exploration

Students realize their strengths and passions by exploring and experiencing potential professions. This allows them to make informed decisions about their future while learning to exhibit leadership.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Instructors create an environment where creative thinking and problem-solving are encouraged. An innovative culture is key to fostering entrepreneurial learning and design thinking.



CAPS supports high-skill, high-demand careers through ongoing innovation in curriculum development, programs, and services based on local business and community needs.

Meet Our Team

Alisa Morse
Network Coordinator
Betsy Fowler
Executive Director of School Design, ASU Prep Digital
Carla Haugen
VP of Sales Channel Finance, Best Buy
Clifton Taulbert
Founder, Roots Java Coffee
Clint Robinson
Associate VP, State/Local Government Affairs, Black & Veatch
Corey Mohn
President & Executive Director
Courtney Reilly
Founder of SkillsLine 
Donald Hawkins
Founder of Griffin Technologies and First Boulevard
Jenni Newell
Financial Specialist
Jennifer Lindsey
VP of Global Marketing, Corbion
Jodie Dietz
Member, Blue Valley Board of Education
Katie Boody
CEO & Founder, LEANLAB Education
Katie Collier
Deputy Superintendent, Blue Valley Schools
Lydia Young
Director of NExT, Northeastern University
Mark Nook
President, University of Northern Iowa 
Mike Poore
Superintendent, Little Rock Public Schools
Stephanie Short
VP of Partnerships, America Succeeds
Taylor Shead
Founder & CEO, STEMuli Studios
Tom Mitchell
Prinicipal, DLR Group
Tom Vander Ark
CEO & Partner, Getting Smart
Victor Hwang
Founder of Right to Start