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The future of work is changing.

Globalization and technology have fueled the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A major outcome of that change will be the characteristics of jobs in that future.

The current education model was designed for the First Industrial Revolution and now must dramatically reform itself to be able to produce people with the skills required for the 21st century workforce. Profession-Based Learning complements college preparation by adding a dimension of career focus that supports students finding their passions and strengths and matching them to opportunities in the market.

Every part of K-12 education needs to redesign its approach and outcomes through the integration of real-world learning to prepare our customers – the students – for that future.

What is CAPS?

Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) programs are nationally recognized, innovative high school programs. Students fast forward into their future and are fully immersed in a professional culture, solving real world problems, using industry standard tools and are mentored by actual employers, all while receiving high school and college credit. CAPS is an example of how business, community and public education can partner to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of tomorrow, especially in high skill, high demand jobs.

At CAPS, we know any classroom, school or district can:

  • Become a curiosity hub, tapping into the natural wonder and ingenuity of young people;
  • Successfully generate authentic projects to serve as the curriculum for students;
  • Inspire and energize industry and nonprofit leaders in the community

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We have supported over 130 school districts to generate unprecedented buzz as they fast-forward students past high school and college, into the authentic learning situations of a first career. And you’ve never seen students as engaged as this.

"I've just got to tell you, for those that are interested, it's a mind-blowing experience."

Dr. Richard Light, Carl H. Pforzheimer Professor of Teaching and Learning, Harvard University

"CAPS was the best thing I could have ever done. It made me more confident in myself and what I'm passionate about. It made me confident in my decision for my career path and major."

CAPS student, 2020

"Most people try to get outside the box. CAPS destroys the box!"

Clifton Taulbert - Author, Entrepreneur, and CAPS Ambassador

"CAPS taught me a lot about myself, and I've become a better human being because of it."

CAPS student, 2018

"The best part of CAPS was getting to experience and learn more about what I am passionate about and really see a future for myself doing what I love."

CAPS student, 2020