Provo CAPS Students Present at Utah Capitol

Engaging with politicians through emails is one thing; visiting the Capitol Building and presenting before state officials is an entirely different experience.

Provo Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) students Benny, from Provo High School, and Kate, from Timpview High School, had the opportunity to visit the Utah Capitol Building. They collaborated with the Utah County Public Defenders to create posters to educate youth in juvenile detention centers about their 5th Amendment rights.

The students presented their work before Utah General Counsel Daniel O’Bannon, Utah Sentencing Commission member Mr. Strong, Deputy General Counsel Adam Duncan, and Legal Analysis Fellow Max Lepore. Benny and Kate discussed the design process involving using AI to create and edit the posters, presenting on the importance of effectively reaching and educating detained youth about their constitutional rights.

During their presentation at the Capitol, Benny and Kate addressed the question posed by the Utah County Public Defenders: “What will be impactful for this age group of students?” Their thoughtful approach to the project was evident as Kate shared how she learned extensively about the 5th Amendment through this experience. Benny, drawing from a background in Business Law and mock trials, used their knowledge to inform the design of the posters, ensuring it would resonate with juvenile students.

It’s a firsthand experience that gives our students a deeper understanding of the legislative process, far beyond what can be learned in a classroom. Walking in the footsteps of their representatives, meeting state political members, and working with representatives offers more than a memorable and educational venture; it gives them an opportunity to experience the work firsthand, network, and involve themselves in the legislative process. Benny and Kate left the Capitol knowing their work with the CAPS program could empower and inform young people in their community about their rights.