Cleveland CAPS Students Build A Plane

Cleveland City CAPS in Cleveland, Tennessee has started a TangoFlight program, spearheaded by CTE Supervisor and CAPS Director Renny Whittenbarger and Aviation instructor Scott Campbell. The TangoFlight program gives students the opportunity to build a plane from scratch! To watch the original news coverage, visit News 12’s page here.

“CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Looks to be a somewhat normal high school class. Teachers interacting with the kids.

But what’s being done here is extraordinary. For these 12 students in Aviation Instructor Scott Campbell’s class are building an airplane. An actual FAA-approved, two passenger, four cyclinder RV-12iS airplane.

“I myself have never built a plane. And neither have these students. But they came in with enthusiasm. In the end, they get to be the first students to build a plane at Cleveland High School.”

This is the first year for this undertaking. Part of the school’s Career And Technical Education Program. Fully accredited for the kids: 2 credits.

School administrators, led by CTE Supervisor Renny Whittenbarger, pitched the idea. Went through all the steps. Secured the funding….and then watched as all the plans fell into place!!

“I can’t believe this is happening at a high school level. We’re one of 22 schools in the nation doing this. I thought if they can do it, Cleveland High School can do it.”

The plane comes in boxes and crates. With detailed instruction. You lay all the parts out, and away you go!

“Well, to me, it’s pretty hard. Getting used to the flow of things. It’s very different from your usual program. Not like any other classroom.”

“We partner with people in the local community who volunteered their time. We have mentors helping the kids use tools and other basic aviation things. It’s really a lot of things for teenagers to do by themselves.”

Campbell, who’s a retired Air Force pilot, says it’ll probably take two years for the plane to be finished. That means the nine seniors in the group won’t be able to celebrate it’s completion.

But they’ll always know they had a hand….in something pretty cool. And special!

From Cleveland, Dave Staley, News 12.”


Students study technical plans to build a plane.
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