Booming Network, Booming Value

The CAPS Network is booming! Instructors and directors inside the model constantly innovate, explore and take on what’s next. CAPS Network is doing the same at the national level. There are many benefits to joining the CAPS Network but building relationships is perhaps the most powerful. Corey and Alisa travel to our Network affiliate because of this power. Travel is just one of the ways these relationships are built and it allows Corey and Alisa to get to know practitioners on a deeper level. Are you curious about these visits? Listen to the most recent episode of The Network to get an insider’s view of the how and why. The energy at the national level is about much more than travel.

The Network will to continue to build on the excellent foundation laid over the last 13 years. The relationships and collaborations will always be the cornerstone of the Network. You may know about some of our more tactical resources. The CAPS podcasts and playbooks are among the most used both inside and outside the network. Additionally, resources are on the way to aid affiliates at all stages of development. Off the shelf assets are in development which can be used to engage community partners. These are just a few of the many avenues the Network is exploring.

These new offerings take time and are going to be most effective with your input. If you are interested in learning more about what is coming and/or you have a great idea that will bring value to our Network, please share by reaching out via this link!