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2022 CAPS Network Summer Huddle


We enjoyed convening with disruptive educators from across all regions of the United States, as well as representatives from Canada and Kuwait, at our Summer Huddle in St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you to all who brought incredible energy, ideas and commitment to propelling the profession-based learning movement!




Announcing the 2023 CAPS Network Summer Huddle…

We are heading west in 2023. Save the date and plan to join us June 26-28, 2023 in Utah!

More details to come.

Recap of the 2022 CAPS Network Summer Huddle Agenda


Monday, June 27 

11:00am Registration Opens 

11:15am LUNCH



12:00pm The Gateway to the Future – Corey Mohn, CAPS Network

12:20pm Alumni Spotlight – Miranda Holloway, Washington University

12:30pm Introduction of Erik Lindbergh – Gregg Maryniak, X-Prize Foundation 

12:40pm Escape Velocity – Erik Lindbergh, VerdeGo Aero 

1:15pm Durable Skills – Stephanie Short, America Succeeds; Amy Kardel, CompTIA

2:00pm BREAK

2:15pm Diving Deep on Durable Skills

  • Stephanie Short, America Succeeds; Sylvester Chisom, Global CTE; Tremain Holloway, Maritime High School; Weston Broadbent, Wasatch CAPS

3:15pm Connecting the Professional and Pre-Professional – Examples from the Field

  • Drew McAllister, Parkway Spark! and John Omoresemi, St. Charles County CAPS 



2:15pm Designing Learning to Build Professional Skills – Chaifetz 173

  • Gregg Brown, CAPS Network; Michael North, Basin CAPS; Ronda Hair, Nebo CAPS; Jan Jardine, Provo CAPS

2:15pm Marketing the CAPS Experience to Students – Seminar 124A

  • Chris Wood, Cedar Falls CAPS; Michael Warren, Highland Park MAPS; Christopher McNeil, Kansas City Public Schools

3:15pm Career Discovery for Student Associates – Chaifetz 173

  • Nate Clayberg, Need10/Cedar Falls CAPS

3:15pm Where Everyone Leads: Tools to Truly Go Where Students Lead – Seminar 124A

  • Chris Harris and Kaye Monk-Morgan, Kansas Leadership Center



5:00pm Opening Reception – 9 Mile Garden, 9375 Gravois Road, Affton MO 63123


Tuesday, June 28 

8:00am Registration Opens / Breakfast and Networking



8:45am Welcome to Day 2 – Saint Louis University 

8:55am Student Spotlight – Josie Fisher, STL CAPS

9:05am Alumni Spotlight – Connor Lotz, Boeing

9:15am The 10th Thing – Clint Robinson, Black & Veatch

9:45am BREAK

10:00am Mapping the Flavors: The Variety of CAPS Manifestations

  • Gregg Brown and Alisa Morse, CAPS Network

11:30am LUNCH

12:00pm Host Message, Dr. Scott Sell, Saint Louis University School of Engineering

12:10pm Student Spotlight – Ellie Mawuenyega, Parkway Spark!

12:20pm The Tech Equity Future – Taylor Shead, STEMuli 

1:00pm BREAK

1:15pm How to Talk to Business Partners

  • Connor Lotz, Boeing; Jennier Lindsey, Corbion; John Clark, Masterclock

2:15pm Credentialing Student Experiences

  • Bob Hall and Megan Fisher, LAUNCH @Elmbrook Schools

3:15pm Building Partnerships with National and Global Businesses

  • Tricia Munoz, GPS Education Partners; Clint Robinson, Black & Veatch; Jennifer Lindsey, Corbion 



10:00am Accelerating the Movement by Designing for Serendipity – Chaifetz 173

  • Chris Unger, Northeastern University and Corey Mohn, CAPS Network 

10:00am Designing Cross-Program CAPS Experiences – Seminar 124A

  • Brett Kisker, Northland CAPS and Mike Rubin, Uxbridge High School 

1:15pm Scheduling and Project Management in the CAPS Semester – Chaifetz 173

  • Alisa Morse, CAPS Network and Weston Broadbent, Wasatch CAPS

1:15pm Building a Curiosity-Based Curriculum – Seminar 124A

  • Mike Farmer, Blue Valley CAPS

2:15pm Design and Activate Our Teacher Network – Chaifetz 173

  • Jessica Imel, Bentonville Ignite; Megan Droste, Cedar Falls CAPS; Alisa Morse, CAPS Network 

2:15pm Empowering HS Students to Change the College Experience – Seminar 124A

  • Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury, Grand Valley State University

3:15pm CAPS in the Metaverse – Seminar 124A

Taylor Shead, STEMuli


Wednesday, June 29 

8:00am Breakfast and Networking



8:45am Welcome to Day 3 – Dr. Gary Ritter, Saint Louis University School of Education

8:55am Alumni Spotlight – Angelica Ihim, Hazelwood CAPS

9:05am Special Recognition of Gregg Brown, CAPS Network Coordinator

9:15am Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Bob Hall, LAUNCH and Ethan Wiechmann, Cedar Falls CAPS

9:45am BREAK

10:00am Working Your Action Plan

11:30am LUNCH TO GO